Motivation Talk on Parental Guidance


We regularly run motivation and good parental guidance workshops throughout the year to support the community in Sepang District. Several pre exam motivation talks were carried out by Dr S Bhaskar and other speakers. 


Advice and Counselling talks were given to parents on Good Parental guidance throughout so the members are sensitive to family and children development in the challenging times. 


Many parents have approached PKTM to continue similar programmes to provide them moral and motivation support.


Programme to cultivate self-awareness and godliness among teachers and students.


Spreading Siddhar Philosophy Saravana Jothi Bujai Sessions To Teacher's and Students For Their Spiritual Growth Especially For Students To Aware Good Values Moral Compassionate.


Seminar for school students


PKTM organized motivation talks to students in Selangor state where we tackled the prevailing issues of Indian students discipline at the moment and on self discipline, awareness of time management, study tips on PT3 and SPM. 


Medical camp


Free medical check-up was conducted jointly with Malaysian Association of Indian Graduates, where approximately 200 Dengkil people including children and senior citizens attended this camp. The purpose of this camp was to check general health and to medical advice the public of certain conditions and prevailing diseases. The camp doctors and their assistants undertook health checks and blood test followed by consultation with doctors. The doctors prescribed medicine to some urgent cases and advised everyone on general wellness. Food and refreshments were served to all attended this camp. 



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