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Also Known as Agathiar Charity Organisation Malaysia

Reg. No: 1821-03-7

No. Pertubuhan: PPM-004-10-22112003

LHDN: 01-35-42-51-179-6. 5679

Dengkil, Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam & Persatuan Kebajikan Thirumular Malaysia have contributed to welfare campaigns, destitute old folks, unfortunate disabled, needy families, underprivileged students and many other welfare causes to date with limited resources and humble donation from the public.

I. Nationwide Fund Raising.

II. Grocery Collection from well wishers to provide food rations to approximately 200 destitute families every month.

III. Door to door collection to support Ongarakudil activities and local.

IV. Direct Debit Program from donors.

V. Fund Requests from businessmen, corporate sectors, individuals and VIPs.

VI. Public awareness of charity works and getting sponsors.

VII. Donation Booth at shopping complexes, Batu Caves on Thaipusam Day, and temples on special occasions.

VIII. Donation box at restaurants and shops.

IX. Fund Raising through Spiritual book sales (Nyanathiruvadi, Siddhar Photos, Calendars) and all type of books published by Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, India.

X. Special Poojai e.g. Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday Celebrations, Baby Naming Ceremonies & Memorial Anniversaries.

XI. Fund Raising for 3 major annual functions at Ongarakudil Thuraiyur, Tamilnadu, India

For the past 26 years ago the Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam started off as a small group of devotees , getting financial support from friends and relatives for the services & activities (Annathanam) in Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, Trichy Dt., Tamilnadu, India. The Sangam also has branches in London, New Zealand and Australia. Currently our centre has full time and part time volunteers servicing for it. Most of them travel throughout Malaysia, London, New Zealand and Australia to collect donations for the on - going charity services in local and Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, Trichy Dt.,Tamilnadu. In Malaysia itself, the Association provides monthly food rations for about 200 poor families. It also gives financial and educational aids wherever necessary. Help is given to anyone in need regardless of race or religion. For these, the volunteers approach the general public for monetary and material help. Materials are in the form of food items that are distributed to these unfortunate families.


Provide full month food supply to needy families consisting of single mothers, handicapped parents, accident victims, those who are physically and mentally challenged and unable to heal, educate or find solutions to their various basic needs, be it medical, and monthly cash contribution for few needy families or other emergencies every month regardless of their race or religion. Seven most important grocery items distributed are Rice, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Dhall, Bee hoon, Cooking Oil, and Milk powder given in appropriate quantities for each family. A total of 200 families from around Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan and Wilayah Persekutuan are receiving aid from our centre at present. Association supports the poor families in their struggling period only. Once the family can supports themselves, we will stop giving the help and convey to other needy poor families.


Our centre also provide monthly groceries for pre- school students at SJK (T) Permata, Dengkil and serve free food for the UPSR students who attend extra classes at SJK( T) Dengkil. Our “Back To School” programme allocate and sponsors school attire as well as stationeries to the poor and needy students. Apart from all of these, we also give financial support for deserving students’ higher education. Weekly and monthly Thevaram (Spiritual) classes for children to develop and practice moral values in their life, organize motivation and self-development programs for school students.


Special prayers which include ‘Thiruvilakku Poojai’ is conducted once a month to encourage women to live a spiritual life so as to overcome life’s challenges through prayer. Special prayers on ‘Pournami’ (Full Moon) days with the recital of Arutperumjothi Agaval Parayanam is also a regular event at our centre to prepare and rovide a conducive atmosphere for spiritual growth to desiring individuals.


Annual Charity Event “Deepavali Hamper Giving Ceremony for the Poor and Needy” to enable families to have enough food to enjoy the festivities of Deepavali.


‘Koottu Poojai’ (Group Prayer) at members’ houses throughout the nation to spread spirituality according to ‘Siddhars’ philosophy.


Sanmarka Neri Murai Thirumanam, wedding carried out according to Siddhars teaching upon the request of the Bride and Groom at our sangam.


Food (Annadhanam) blessed by the grace of Sage Agathiar is prepared daily at our centre for members, visitors and school students.


• Health Awareness programme was arranged at Sangam Hall,
• Moral and Ethics Seminar for teenage students,
• Groceries distribution for 200 poor and needy families,
• Motivational workshop for PMR & SPM students,
• Spiritual talk by Mr. Nadarajan from Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, Trichy, India on Charity & showing compassion towards living beings,
• Sangam Hall was cleaned and painted by Mr. Thamilarasu,
• Special home poojas commenced all over Malaysia,
• Provided breakfast, lunch and dinner for 57 UPSR camping students of SJK (T), Dengkil for 3 days,
• Grocery distribution for 27 needy families at Puchong Perdana,
• Agathiar Sangam and Myhomepalm Integrated Sdn Bhd jointly distributed groceries to 22 needy families at Sungei Pelek,
• Free food for ‘Gotong-Royong’ programme at SJK (T) Dengkil,

2010 — 2011

• Sangam Building painted by Volunteers from Nilai College,
• Skill Training especially organised for ladies,
• Provided free food for UPSR extra class students of SJK (Tamil) Dengkil,
• Monthly Agaval Paaraayanam on Pournami Day,
• Routine charitable and spiritual activities as usual,
• Students Personal Workshop for 30 students held at Sangam Hall,
• Member’s Sanmarka Wedding was held in Batu Caves,
• 3 days Moral Camp for students at Sangam Hall,
• Thevaram class for students commenced,
• Free Mammogram check-ups for 40 ladies,
• Monthly Groceries distribution for 200 poor and needy family,
• Deepavali Hamper Giving Ceremony For The Poor & Needy,
• Monthly Thiruvilakku Poojai,
• Free breakfast for 200 students of SJK (T)Taman Permata, Dengkil (Larian Kemerdekaan),
• Entrance Sign Board was sponsored by Messrs\,Reka Tulin Services,
• Colouring contest for children,
• Gardening and Landscaping was done & sponsored by Mr. Ramasami & Mr. Loganathan,

2008 — 2009

• Nokia & Sri Agathiar jointly presents Puppet Theatre for children,
• Thiruvilakku Poojai and other charity events took place as routine,
• Group poojai for Spiritual Guidance,
• Yoga class commenced,
• Charity Event by Buddhivana for students,
• Charity Events organised for Christmas Celebration,
• Free tuition for students,
• Free food provided for UPSR extra class students of SJK (T) Dengkil,

2006 — 2007

• Adopted Sri Raghavendra Orphanage Home,
• Charity Event with PERMA Association for the poor students to provide school attires,
• Routine charitable activities carried out as usual,
• Thiruvilakku Poojai commenced on the last Sunday of every month,
• Organised a Medical Camp with Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar for the Dengkil area residents,
• School Attires for poor students by PERMA Association,
• Deepavali Hamper Giving Ceremony was held,
• 200 poor and needy families are now recipients of monthly rations (consists Single Parents, Accident Victims, Elderly Citizens, Illness
• & Misfortune, Physically Disabled, Large poor families),

2004 — 2005

• Groceries distribution, free food for Dengkil Tamil School students, Group pooja, fund raising for charity activities, Deepavali Hamper Giving Ceremony were undertaken as previous years,
• Spiritual talks on Siddhar’s Philosophy commenced at temples to introduce Saint Agathiar and Gurunathar,
• Our organisation was Registered in New Zealand,
• All the other charitable events continued as usual,

2002 — 2003

• Deepavali Hamper Giving Ceremony, for the poor & needy recipients of monthly rations of the surrounding district,
• More Sanmarka Wedding were conducted,

2000 — 2001

• 140 – 200 families were provided with monthly food rations,
• 120 students of Dengkil Tamil School were given free food,
• Routine charitable and spiritual activities continued,
• Sangam Hall was extended and renovated to accommodate larger Group pooja,
• Our Charity organization Registered in Australia & London,

1997 — 1999

• Full time members at the Sangam increased,
• 40 families were provided with monthly food rations,
• A piece of land was donated to Sangam and Sangam building was built with public fund and the help of members,
• The Sangam administration and activities moved to the new building,
• 50 – 80 families were provided with monthly food rations,
• Free food for the poor school children in Sek. Ren. Keb. (Tamil) Dengkil was commenced for about 120 students,
• Group pooja expanded to more places and people,
• Routine charitable and spiritual activities continued,
• First Sanmarka Weddings trips to Ongarakudil commenced,

1995 — 1996

• 10 families were provided with monthly food rations.
• First Sanmarka Neri Murai Wedding was conducted at Sangam.
• Routine charitable and spiritual activities continued with more new members.
• 25 families were provided with monthly food rations every month. Cash Aid was given to some families with severe financial
• difficulties.
• Group Poojai activities expanded. Reading Thirumanthiram,
• Thiruvarutpa, Thirukkural.

1993 — 1994

• Commenced local activity by helping 2 poor families with financial difficulties.
• Usual activities as above continued. Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Sangam expanded.
• Door to door donation drive introduced.535 families in difficulties were provided with monthly food rations every month. Sangam continues with its usual activities with the help of members.

1990 — 1992

• Began Group Pooja at members’ homes.
• Donations and used clothes collected from friends and relatives for Ongarakudil, India.
• Group Pooja every Sunday.
• Continued served the poor by collecting donations to Ongarakudil from friends and relatives.
• Poojai every Sunday at our President’s home.
• 2nd group left for Ongarakudil to meet Gurunathar.

1988 — 1989

• Began served the poor by collecting donations from friends and relatives.
• Group poojai every Sunday.
• Our President left for Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, Trichy Dt. India to meet and gain blessings from Gurunathar.
• Group expanded gradually. Collected donations and used clothes and sent to Ongarakudil.
• Poojai every Sunday at our President’s home.

1986 — 1987

• Started as a small prayer group.
• Chanting Saint Agathiar’s Mantra.
• Group slowly expanded.
• Established direct contact with Gurunathar in Ongarakudil, Thuraiyur, Trichy Dt. India.
• Received Spiritual Guidance and self realisation of true spiritualism.

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